Our Club meets the first Tuesday of each month ( check dates below) from September through June (July / August we're busy diving) at 7:30 PM. These meetings include guest speakers, slide and video presentations, and educational programs, in addition to regular club business.

Due to Covid 19, most of our 2020 meetings were held by Zoom. For the forseable future our 2021 meetings will also be via Zoom. When possible we will move back to our regular location in St Catharines, Ontario.

Meetings are open to all for both the business and presentation portions of the meeting.

For our May 4, 2021 meeting Emily Franklin will be our guest speaker. The topic will be "Exploring Underwater Archaeology".

Emily Franklin


Emily Franklin is a masters student in computer science. She joined the University of Toronto’s, Hart House Underwater Club - Learn to SCUBA program in 2020 and is now the current Membership Director.

Emily is interested in ways to apply her diving skills outside of recreation, and to volunteer in the broader diving community. Since high school, Emily has been interested in history and believes that underwater archaeology is a great way for divers to volunteer their skills to help discover and preserve the history of the waters we dive in.

“Exploring Underwater Archaeology”

Archaeology is about understanding our history through the careful study of artifacts, structures and historic sites. Many of these sites exist on land, but many are located underwater. From sunken planes and ships to ancient towns, there is a lot to learn from the artifacts found in rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Conducting these investigations underwater involves additional complexity and challenges and requires specialized equipment.

This talk will begin with an introduction to underwater archaeology and take you through some of the challenges, equipment, and preservation techniques that are part of learning about and preserving history.


UW Archaeology



Title: Niagara Divers - May Club Meeting
Location: Zoom link comming soon
When: May 4, 2021 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Organizer: Durrell Martin <dmartin@ctmmedia.com>
Meeting ID: TBA
Passcode: TBA


2021 Meeting Dates

January 5
February 2
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