Our Club meets the first Tuesday of each month ( check dates below) from September through June (July / August we're busy diving) at 7:30 PM. These meetings include guest speakers, slide and video presentations, and educational programs, in addition to regular club business.

Due to Covid 19, most of our 2020 meetings were held by Zoom. For the forseable future our 2021 meetings will also be via Zoom. When possible we will move back to our regular location in St Catharines, Ontario.

Meetings are open to all for both the business and presentation portions of the meeting.

For our June 1, 2021 meeting Georgann & Mike Wachter will be our guest speakers. The topic will be "Lake Erie Lights and Lighthouse Lore".

Georgann & Mike Wachter


Mike and Georgann Wachter are scuba divers and the authors of the Erie Wrecks series on Lake Erie shipwrecks and lighthouses. They have been diving all over the world, but they especially enjoy diving and speaking on the Great Lakes. They have discovered or rediscovered 35 shipwrecks which are documented with 325 other wrecks on a published shipwreck map.

When Mike was President of the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, six shipwrecks in Ohio waters were first moored. He now co-chairs the Shipwrecks and Scuba conference in Sandusky which is the largest dive group gathering between Chicago and the east coast. He maintains the shipwreck website www.eriewrecks.com.

Georgann is a maritime historian who was inducted into the International Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2013 for documenting over 300 shipwrecks with her writing, research and marine artwork.

“ Lake Erie Lights and Lighthouse Lore”

In the process of hunting for shipwrecks, one often comes across a light house or two. These lonely sentinels often play into the story of a shipwreck. However, perhaps more fascinating are the stories of the lights themselves. Every lighthouse lover has gazed at their favorite light and asked, “What stories can you tell? Are you haunted? Have you been a silent sentinel witnessing tragedy.  Are you a beacon full of romance?”

Georgann and Mike Wachter will explore these questions for the lights of Lake Erie, while they take us on a tour of Lake Erie’s lights, their history, how they operate, and when they were built.




Title: Niagara Divers - June Club Meeting
Location: Zoom link comming soon
When: June1, 2021 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Organizer: Durrell Martin <dmartin@ctmmedia.com>
Meeting ID: 872 3922 5730
Passcode: 482246


2021 Meeting Dates

January 5
February 2
December 3



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