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Updated August 11,2021

Lake Erie moorings on hold this summer.

With Ontario's stage one Covid restrictions this spring not allowing commercial boating and limiting personal boating to same household only, we decided to hold off deploying the buoys until stage two (early July). Unfortunately the two boats that have done the majority of our mooring work are now unavailable. Mike Domitrek still cannot bring his boat into the country and Dr. Daniel has moved to British Columbia. Several people have offered to supply their boats but to date have not been able to commit to dates other than Rick Lymer (River Diver Dive Charters). Rick's availability dates are the last week of August and early September. Due to the fact that we normally start removing the buoys at the end of September, we have decided it's not worth the expense to put them out for only 3-4 weeks.

Rick was able to raise the line on the Tiller earlier this spring and on the Niagara on May 24th. Both are marked with a 25-liter jug. If anyone is planning trips to any of our other wrecks, I can supply the jugs if you can deploy them. With the jugs, we also don't have to worry about removing them in the fall.

On July 17th, Geoff Barker and Dale Burrows were able to raise the line and install a 25-liter jug on the Stone Wreck. When they went to the Carlingford, they found the line up with a small jug attached. They attached a larger 25-liter yellow jug and inspected the line and found it to be in good shape.

On August 9th, Geoff Barker & Dale Burrows raised the line on the Finnie and placed a 20 liter yellow jug on it. They also went to the C.B. Benson but found the mooring line shreaded about half way to the surface. Geoff left a small jug with light weight & grappel to mark tje site. This line is to mark the site only and should not be used as a tie off or down line. I have sliced up a new line for the next time someone goes out.

As the jugs do not meet Coast Guard standards, NAVWARN (NOTSHIPS) have not been notified.

For those interested, we maintain an email list to keep everyone updated on status and changes. If you would like to be added to the list, send a request to

Please note that as jugs are not approved Coast Guard markers, NARVWARNs (NOTSHIPS) have not been updated!

Ian Marshall
Chairman- Lake Erie (Eastern Basin) Mooring Project



Notice to Mariners


Please!!  If you notice a problem with any of the moorings listed above, please notify Niagara Divers' Association so we may update the list and perform any repairs.


As many of you may be aware, the Niagara Divers’ Association has been involved in mooring shipwrecks in Lake Erie’s Eastern Basin for several years. We have been installing concrete blocks, chain, line and floats on shipwrecks in both the US and Canadian waters. Although we had plans to manufacture approved buoys, we had held off due to lack of funds. At Shipwrecks/2002, Save Ontario Shipwrecks stated that they may be able to help in the near future. They later donated two buoys that year.

In the fall of 2002, SOS announced they had received a $21,000.00 Trillium Fund Grant to allow them to moor 50 shipwrecks in the province of Ontario. At the February 4, 2003 monthly NDA meeting, guest speaker Jim Friend of SOS announced that the NDA would be receiving five more buoys for Coast Guard approved sites in Lake Erie, bringing us up to a total of seven.  All seven buoys were installed in May/ June 2003.  Over the years we have had to replace all of these medium duty buoys, as they do not hold up well to the rigours of open lake waters. For the 2009 season we tested two  heavier duty "GDI 0.25 Buoys" which held up very well.  By the end of 2009 three more of the original style smaller buoys were in need of replacing and a decision was made to order five more of the new "GDI 0.25" style to be put out for the 2010 season. These new buoys all have internal radar reflectors and solar lights. The few medium duty buoys we have remaining will be kept to be used as spares. The buoys were received and put out during the 2010 season. In 2011 we had a group purchase with SOS of the larger 0.30 GDI buoy which is now installed on the Port Dlhousie "Tiller Wreck" and Lake Erie's "Niagara" wrecks.

Original SOS Medium Duty Buoy


GDI 0.25 Buoy

0.25 Buoy

GDI 0.30 Buoy

0.30 Buoy

It is the responsibility of the NDA to properly install in the spring, maintain and remove each fall.  We also notify the Coast Guard’s “Notice to Mariners” as to the status of the buoys.

The above chart shows the shipwrecks on which we have placed moorings. The targets represent shipwrecks with line and small floats. The small ships represent the Canadian Coast Guard approved sites with concrete block anchors and buoy moorings.