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2018 Door Prizes

Abucs Scuba Charters

12 Water Street
Brockville, ON

2 -Two Tank Dive Charters

Mark Skursky

Larry McDaniel

1 -Pair Scuba Pro Medium Jet Fins

Thom Budd

Bob's Scuba Shop

220 Kenilworth Ave.North
Hamilton, ON

CPR Education
On Site CPR & AED Training

1 - Heartsaver CPR/AED Course for Two People

Sue Filosky


6 - Drysuit Maintenance Kits

Durrell Martin

Kat Richardson

Colleen Hewgill

Hans Vanyzendoorn

John Veber

Larry Leslie


Custom Diving Services

2069 Dwyer Rd
Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0
(705) 333-4711


Divers Den 

3 Bay Street , P.O. Box 87
Tobermory, Ontario


2 - Two Tank Dive Charters

Punky Boyle

Raimund Krob


Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit

Fort Erie, Ontario

50/50 Draw 
(Lottery License # M752297)

50% - 
Lake Erie (Eastern Basin)
Mooring Project 

25% - First Prize

Mike Lynch

15% -Second Prize

Mike Domitrek

10% - Third Prize

Geoff Barker


1-Tale of Two Sisters Book

James Sears

Ian Kinder's

Empress of Ireland


1- Empress of Ireland Shirt

Nicholte Byberg



2- Sets of Empress of Ireland Drawings

Jeremy Luyt

Bob Carey


1 - The 96th Voyage Book

Dan Paris


119 NW Ethan Place, Suite 101
Lake City, FL, 32055
386 438-8312

2 - Scuba Force SMB

Sean Sexsmith

Mark Kaczmarek

2- Ball Caps & One Year Memberships

Roland Meisel

Doug Clarke


New York State Divers Association

9226 Sly Hill Rd.
Ava, NY 13303-1934

Osprey Dive Charters

Monroe Marina
8241 1st Street
Westfield, NY 14787
(716) 753-0989

2 - Dive Charters

Dale McKnight

Georgeann Wachter

1 - Cephalopodas How Smart
Are They? DVD

Linda Barmore

Out of the Blue Productions

4658 S. Lakeshore
Lexington, MI 48450

1 - Diving in the land of the Hobbits DVD

Kate Kelly

1- The Wreck of the Griffon Book

Karl Marx

1-GreatLakes Shipwrecks, Recent Discoveries Book

Pat Palumbo

1 - Canada's 150 Most Famous Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Peter Erickson



1- Diver's Guide to the Kitchen Book

Craig Wallace


1- Great Lakes Diving Guide Book

Summa Lee Vestergomoi

Seawolf Communications

P.O. Box 66, West Chicago, IL 60186

200-3388 Sandwich St. Windsor, ON N9C 1B1

1- The Great Storm of 1913 DVD

Jack Messmer


1- Christmas Tree Ship Book

Esther Brown


1- Titanic The Great Lakes Connections Book

Grace Marquez

1- War of 1812 on the Great Lakes DVD

Brian Kerley


1- Thirteen Shipwrecks: The Worst Disasters DVD

Chris Corfield


1- Exploring Canada's Great Lake Shipwrecks DVD

Emy Brubacher


1 - The Wreck of the Griffon DVD

Dan Mandziuk


Save Ontario Shipwrecks


1- Ocean Odyssey -
The Blue Realm
(5 disc set

Des Southwell

1 - Deep Blue Sea -
The Best of Undersea Explorer
(3 disc set)

Julia D’Amico

1 – Set Underwater Guides

Brian Beatson


1- Ocean Odyssey -
The Blue Realm
(3 disc set )

Del Carson



Jim Kennard's
Shipwreck World

1 - Legend of Lake Ontario Book

Dan Grant

Thousand Island Pleasure Diving

P.O. Box 322
Lansdowne, ON  K0E 1L0

1 - Two Tank Charter & T-shirts For Two People

Geoff Barker

Undersea Research

Canton, MI, USA

1- Set of six DVD's from the Great Lakes Series

Alan Brown




1 - Two Year Subscription

Kevin Brittain

Wreck Diving Magazine

P.O. Box 756
Taylors, SC 29687
(864) 244-9861