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We are now accepting door prize donations for our Shipwrecks/2011 Symposium. If you would like to contribute, please contact Ian Marshall.

2011 Door Prizes

All of the following door prizes are greatly appreciated.

We wish to thank all the Donors for their support.
(prizes listed in alphabetical order of donors)

Adventure Scuba logo

Adventure Scuba Diving

 22 Secord Dr. Unit 6
St. Catharines, Ontario
(905) 938-DIVE

 photo of GT3 regulator

1-Sherwood Silhouette BCD

David VanZandt


2- Discovery 10 Watt HID-Arc Lights

Alek Djermanovic
Sue Donnelly

2- Blue Realm DVD

Greg Thomas
Graeme Tolton


459 Deslauriers,
Montreal, Quebec H4N 1W2

2- CHAA T shirts

David Sheard
Roland Meisel


Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association

1- DUI Hood

Randy Bird

1-Pair DUI Rock Boots

Janet Hulbert

1-Sport Drysuit Seal Kit

Del Carson

1-Viking Drysuit Seal Kit

Cris Kohl

1- Classic Viking Dry Glove Kit

Geoff Virag

1-CDS T shirt

Alan Willison

Custom Diving Services

201 Crawford St.
Barrie, Ontario L4N 3W5
(705) 333-4711

2- Dry Suit Repair Kits

Stephen P. Lomas


1-Atlantic 200g Thinsulate Undergarment

Alan King

329 Welland Ave.
St. Catharines
(800) 268-DANS


1- Mares Abyss 22 Regulator

Daniel Mans

1380 Speers Rd. Unit 10
Oakville, ON

2 - $50.00 Gift Certificates

Ken Cameron
David Gilchrist


Diver Magazine
(604) 274-4333

5 - One Year Subscriptions

Bob Carey

John Millar

Barry Brunette

Val Randall

Valerie  van Heest



4- Ball Caps

Richard Sherkin

Bill Wipp

Lynne Martin

Art deWaard


3- T shirts

Lissi Boyd

Chris Bell

Michelle Mason



Alison Howard
Stephannie Farrel



Divers Den 

3 Bay Street , P.O. Box 87
Tobermory, Ontario

2- Two Tank Dive Charters Including Full Rental Equipment

Doug Holmes

Sharon Person


Exploration Promotions



1-Mr Sticky's U/W Glue

Manny Kallon

3- Dive Goodness T shirts

Al Bradford

Andy Olejarz

Les Wiatrowski


2- DIR Project Planners

Jennifer Girvin

Eric Tolton


1- Complete Open Water Course Including
All Fees, Materials, Rental Equipment and Check Out Dives

Virginia Mason

3245 Harvester Rd. Unit #9
Burlington, ON


Fort Erie Underwater
Recovery Unit

Fort Erie, Ontario

50/50 Draw 
(Lottery License # M01809843)

Proceeds to the Lake Erie
(Eastern Basin) Mooring Project

50% - ($1214.00) Lake Erie (Eastern Basin) Mooring Project 

25% - First Prize ($607.00)

Jim Randall

15% - Second Prize ($364.20)

Jeff Shirk

10% - Third Prize ($242.80)

Jonathan Moore

Geoff Barker Images

108 Sugarloaf
Port Colborne, ON
(905) 834-9624

3- Framed Photographs


Shawn Inkol

Mike Tokarchuk

Brian Spilsbury

4- Two Tank Dive Charters

Perry Grasic

Jeffrey Kral

Rick Rogers

J. D. Andrews


G+S Watersports Ltd.

P.O. Box 21 #8 Bay St. S.
Tobermory, ON
N0R 2R0


2- Two Tank Dives for Two People

Tracy Strycker

Gail Overton


The John Date Project

Contact: Mike Babinski

1 - John Date Hard Hat T shirt

Cella van Heest



Erie Wrecks Logo

1-Erie Wrecks & Lights Book

Jurgen Bilo

1- Sidewheel Treasure
& Tragedy DVD

Randolph McGhee


1- Steamer Sun
Seven New Discoveries

Bruce Proper

1-Erie Wrecks West Book

Jim Sanders


3060 E. Wintergreen
Saginaw, MI
(989) 498- 4550

1-The Wheelsmen Book

Spencer Shoniker


3-Great Lakes Indepth CD

Brian Nickle

Dan Shetler

Don Woods



1- Lake Superior

Kevin Magee


1- Cutter Rescues DVD

Louise Spilsbury


1- Deep Six DVD

Paul Chapple


1- Final Run DVD

John Freeborn


1-Fitzgerald DVD

Ryssell Miggo

1- Cement Boat DVD

Brian Kerley


1- Pelican 4200 Nemo Light

Michelle Licking


London Scuba Centre

732 York Street
London Ontario
(519) 434-DIVE

Maer Charters


2- Two Tank Recreational or One Tank Technical Dive Charters
(Oakville / Toronto Area Wrecks)

Ray Hurst

Heather Courneya


2- One Year Memberships

Rasa Levstein

John Reinhold



New York State Divers Association

9226 Sly Hill Rd.
Ava, NY 13303-1934

Osprey Dive Charters

Barcelona NY
(716) 326-2773

5 - Dive Trips

(2 tank rec. or 1 tank tech.)

Durrell Martin

Cheryl Maugham

Josh Shetler

Leah Shangrow

Len Makerewich

 Pearl Dive Charters

72 Crestdale Ave.
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 3B5
(905) 684-0294


3- Vintage Books Signed by Authors

Glenn Turner



2- Bottles of Wine

Dan Mulholland

Tom Flash



Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery

5600 King Street West
Beamsville, Ontario

Pro Dive Canada


11- Amphibious Outfitters T-shirts

Michael Stephenson

Dave Salmi

Steve Brandow

Anna LeBourdais

Nick Vicaretti

Brett Girvin

Kathryn Cleveland

Tom Hulland

Kevin Beeton

Gill Allan

Jeff Shirk


Suite 191-1027 Davie St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2

1- Reactor Heavy Water Watch

Derek Kerr

1- Pacifica BCD

Luigi Di Raimo


Rec & Tek Scuba Inc.

529 Upper Sherman Ave.
Hamilton, ON L8V 3L9

4- T shirts

Scott McArthur

Penn Penev

Toni VanZandt

Michael Lambert


1- Dive Bag

Caroline Ruegg

1- Cooler Bag

Marlene Smith

Red Devil Scuba Supplies

771 St. Clair St.
Chatham, ON

3- T shirts

Ian Morley

Paul Eichenberg

Terry St. Jacques



1- 35mm Underwater Camera

Ronald J. Bogart

1-Ball Cap

Maureen Man


1- Poseidon Jetstream Mk3 Regulator

Steve Schultz

Water Bottle

Ted Nizialek

1- Ball Cap

Glenn Ford (1)

Rockport Dive Centre Ltd.

31 Front Street
Rockport ON
(613) 659-4044

Save Ontario Shipwrecks

1- Set Of 12 Field Guide Slates

Stefan Starczewski

3770 Montrose Rd.
Niagara Falls. ON L2H 3K3

1- Microsoft Laser Mouse

Doug Clarke

1-Targus Ladies Jayne Notebook Bag

Jim Stewart

1-Philips Speaker Set

Daniel Martinelli

Thousand Island Pleasure Diving



Craiger's Resort


1 Day of Diving For Two + One nights Accommodation (1 room) at Craiger's Resort

May Loo



7073 Hwy 6, Tobermory, ON

6- Two Tank Dive Charters

Bryan Lomas

Matt Rooke

Judy Swann

Sandra Burns

Christopher Loper

Joshua Wise

Undersea Research

Canton, MI, USA

1- Cutting Across Time DVD

Michael Hulley

1-Collision DVD

Paula Redmond

1-Steamship Metropole DVD

Anthony DeBoer

1-Morrell Encounter DVD

Robert Curtis

Final Report DVD

Alistair Bogart


4- One Year Subscriptions

Paul Fody

Raimund Krob

Dave Ebare

Richard Horricks


Wreck Diving Magazine

P.O. Box 756
Taylors, SC 29687
(864) 244-9861

Wreck Hunter Inc

P.O. Box 22133
Bayers Rd. RPO
Halifax, NS B3L 4T7

Last Minute Prizes, Photos Not Available

1- St. Paul Island  Photo Plaque Set

Peter C. Lind

2- Shipwreck Sinking Newsprint Plaques

Rick Neilson

Sheila Bender


2- Deep Sea T shirts

Peter Hofman

Cindy Rogers


1- Northern Shipwreck Database CD

Roy Pickering


5-Deep Sea Hoodies

Frank Mustoe

Katherine Kerley

Jason Cottingham

Heather Cameron

David Mekker