Terry Irvine & Jeff Post

Terry Irvine has been an avid diver for over 15 years, completing dives in the Great Lakes, and the caves of Florida and Mexico.  He has been an instructor for the past 10 years.

Following trimix training in Florida, Terry began exploring and videoing some of the marvelous wrecks in Lake Superior.  Terry has been part of a group that has documented the condition of the Gunilda and the Judge Hart for the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation over the past four years.
Terry also writes articles and provides video to the Global Underwater Explorers newsletter, DIR Quest.


Jeff Post has been an avid diver since 1991.  He became a certified cave diver in 1994 and is an accomplished cave, wreck and trimix diver.  Since 1998, Jeff has completed more than 25 dives on the Gunilda and 10 dives on the Judge Hart, providing video documentation for the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation.
Jeff also provides video to the Global Underwater Explorers newsletter, DIR Quest.


The Judge Hart is one of a number of pristine shipwrecks in Northern Lake Superior.  Built as a “canaller”, the Judge Hart fell victim to the “Gales of November” in 1942.  Traveling from Port Arthur with a load of grain, the Judge Hart sought refuge in Jackfish Bay, near Marathon as the weather worsened.  The ice build-up on the ship made accurate depth sounding very difficult and soon the ship found herself grounded on Fitzsimmons Rocks.  After a long struggle, the order was given and the ship abandoned.  The ice build-up allowed the wheelhouse to remain intact during the sinking. The ship lies upright and intact nestled at the bottom of Ashburton Bay.

Be part of the excitement as Terry Irvine recounts the groups’ battles with Mother Superior to finally locate and video this beautiful wreck.

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