David Gilchrist

Master of Ceremonies

David Gilchrist has been diving since 1970.  He is a PADI Instructor and  a member of the Niagara Diver's Association (NDA).    He has been a presenter at past SHIPWRECKS  Symposiums , UNDERWATER CANADA  and  GREAT LAKES UNDERWATER.  He is an avid underwater photographer.

A former member of the Archaeological Conservation Program of S-W Ontario, David has been an active member of the Ontario Marine Heritage Committee (OMHC) and is a former Chairperson of this group.  Since his involvement in Marine Heritage studies, he has participated in a number of projects-including the Annie Falconer survey (POW), the Rudder Survey of Great Lakes sailing ships, the Investigations of the Nimrod, the Port Stanley wreck, the Lion’s Head wreck,  the Navy Hall Projects,  The C. B .  Benson Survey (NDA), the  Submerged Prehistoric Shorelines Survey of Georgian Bay.  Most recently, he participated in the Investigation of the Port Dalhousie Wreck in Lake Ontario.

He is a teacher for the District School Board of Niagara and resides in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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