Name of Wreck:  Unidentified (Port Dalhousie Tiller Wreck)

Photos by Geoff Barker

Organizing Group:  Niagara Divers' Association

Official Number:

Nation of Registry:

Construction Details

Year Built:
Built At:
Built By:
Vessel Type:  Wooden
Rig: Two-masted Schooner


Length: 94'
Beam: 21'
Gross Tonnage:

Description of Loss:

Location:  2.3NM/334T Port Dalhousie, 3.3NM/289T Port Weller.
                G.P.S 43-14.734/70-17.064

Depth: 113'

Notes: 2400# block off port rear quarter. Marked with orange/white buoy when deployed

General Information:

Found by Jim Garrington of Shark Marine.

Surveyed by him, David Gilchrist & Jim Lockhart

Originally thought to be the Henry Clay.

Opened to public in 2002 after mooring system installed.

110’ deep.

Approximately 114’ long.

Two masted schooner built for or converted to fit the Welland Canal.

Surveyed again in 2009 as part of the Hamilton & Scourge Survey.

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