Name of Wreck:  Raleigh

Drawing by Doug King, Photo by Geoff Barker

Organizing Group:  Niagara Divers' Association

Official Number:  110154

Nation of Registry:  US

Construction Details

Year Built:  1871
Built At:  Cleveland, Ohio
Built By:  Quale & Martin
Vessel Type:  Propeller


Length: 227'3"
Beam: 34'
Draft: 15'
Gross Tonnage:  1,205

Description of Loss: Grounded in storm, November, 1911

Location: 4.5NM/103.7T Port Colborne, 3.4NM/294.3T Point Abino Lighthouse
               G.P.S 42-51.926/79-09.254

Depth: 30'

Notes: Orange/white buoy attached to keel boards when deployed.

General Information:


227’ x 34’ x 15’, 1205 gross tons.

Grounded in storm Nov. 30, 1911.

Maximum depth 30’.

Very broken up only ½ mile of shore.

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