Name of Wreck:  Niagara

Underwater photo by Geoff Barker

Organizing Group:  Niagara Divers' Association

Official Number:  73951

Nation of Registry:  Canada

Construction Details

Year Built:  1875
Built At:  St. Catharines, Ontario
Built By:  Melancthon Simpson
Vessel Type:  Wood/metal Steamer


Length: 135.5'
Beam: 22.2'
Draft: 12
Gross Tonnage:  348

Description of Loss: Foundered, December 1899

Location:  7.3NM/189.4T Port Maitland, 17.8NM/241.5T Port Colborne,
                18.9NM/322.5T Dunkirk.
                G.P.S 42-44.310/79-36.285

Depth: 90'

Notes: One 2400# block on site off starboard side. Orange/white mooring buoy when deployed.

General Information:

Wood Steam Propeller

136’ x 26’ 12’

468 Gross Tons

Built 1875 St. Catharines, ON

Loss by Storm December 6, 1899

90’ of Depth


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