For our annual Shipwrecks symposium, our commitment is to remain a show that is not commercial.  However, all divers may benefit from charter information that may not ordinarily be available to them.  To make things as simple as possible, and given the format of our day (i.e., the majority of the day is spent in presentations, with only breaks and lunch for attendees to view speaker displays), this year we will again provide attendees with packages at check-in.  These packages will contain programs and charter / not for profit event information provided in advance to us.  However, this information is subject to prior approval by the Niagara Divers’ Association, and following are our specifications for inclusion.

1.  Niagara Divers' Association will accept charter, not for profit events and travel information only - absolutely no mention of dive shops sales, equipment or brand names other than to mention "charters / bookings available through".

2.  Sample to be received by Niagara Divers’ Association by March 19, 2013, with approved brochures to be received by March 26, 2013 for inclusion into hand-out packages.  Brochures received after this date cannot be guaranteed for inclusion - contact the number below to confirm if this date cannot be met.

3. A total of 500 inserts, folded and ready for insertion, will be required by the March 26, 2013 date.  Any unused flyers will be returned at Shipwrecks.

4. A non-refundable fee of $20 to cover collation and insertion costs to be received with shipment of approved hand-outs.

5. Niagara Divers' Association reserves right of refusal on any information received.  You will be contacted as quickly as possible with either approval or an explanation of the reasons for refusal.

6. Absolutely no information of any kind is to be brought to the show for distribution.  Any information placed directly onto tables or on cars will be removed.

We invite you to submit information for distribution, and hope that you understand that the above rules are in place in order to make things fair for everyone involved, as well as to avoid the commercialization of the event.



Niagara Divers’ Association 
P.O. Box 28060, Lakeport Post Office 
600 Ontario Street 
St. Catharines, Ontario  L2N 7P8
or e-mail pdf file to:

Ian Marshall
(905) 382-2389

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